Central Park Five Panel

The panel examining the polarizing event known as the Central Park Five case proved to be a truly captivating discussion. We want to give thanks to our moderator, Professor Malick Ghachem, and panelists Yusef Salaam, Ron Sullivan, Esq, Andrea James and Dr. Natalie Byfield. Be sure to check out photos from the event below.

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2016-04-20 08.01.10

2016-04-20 08.02.22
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2016-04-20 05.56.52

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2016-04-20 05.57.53

2016-04-20 05.58.06

2016-04-20 05.58.15

2016-04-20 05.58.19

2016-04-20 06.00.28

2016-04-20 06.01.11

2016-04-20 06.01.14

2016-04-20 06.01.44

2016-04-20 06.01.55

2016-04-20 06.02.17

2016-04-20 06.02.55

2016-04-20 06.03.00

2016-04-20 06.03.18

2016-04-20 06.03.46

2016-04-20 06.04.02

2016-04-20 06.04.12

2016-04-20 06.06.34

2016-04-20 06.06.43

2016-04-20 06.06.47

Special Event: A Conversation with Dr. Monique Morris

Come join us for a special event on Tuesday, March 8th at 5pm in the BSU Lounge. BGSA and the Black Women’s Alliance at MIT are jointly hosting Dr. Monique Morris for a conversation about her new book, “Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools.” Michelle Alexander, author of “The New Jim Crow,” has described ‘Pushout’ as “a powerful indictment of the cultural beliefs, policies, and practices that criminalize and dehumanize Black girls in America.”

Monique Morris Event Poster

Special Event: A Conversation with Senator William “Mo” Cowan

A Conversation with US Senator William

Click here to register to attend.

**** Please Join Us For A Special Event! ****

What Mo Knows: A Political Life In A Time Of Change

A Conversation About American Politics with former US Senator William “Mo” Cowan

Moderated by MIT Political Science Professor Andrea Campbell

Refreshments will be served.

Senator Cowan was appointed by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to the US Senate in 2013 to complete the term of US Senator (now US Secretary of State) John Kerry. While in Washington, Senator Cowan became widely known for his big personality, bipartisan collegiality, and sartorial flair. Before joining the Senate, Senator Cowan was a top aide to Governor Governor Deval Patrick having served as Patrick’s Chief of Staff and Chief Legal Counsel. Today, Senator Cowan, who is a graduate of Duke University and Northeastern Law School, is the Chief Operating Officer of ML Strategies, a government relations division of Mintz Levin, which is one of America’s top law firms.

Senator Cowan will discuss lessons learned during his journey from Beacon Hill to Capitol Hill and his thoughts on contemporary American politics.

This event will take place Tuesday, November 17, at 4:30pm in Room 4-270.